Being Organized Doesn"t Mean You Have Enough Kitchen Pantry Storage

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Some homes just do not have enough kitchen pantry storage no matter how organized it is.
If your pantry is too small and difficult to organize, there are different ways to help create more space and help get rid of the clutter.
Keep a grocery list handy so items can be written down as they are used.
Only keeping items that you need and help you avoid having to many items in the pantry and keep the clutter down, while keeping it well stocked.
It is also a good idea to organize items in some way, such as by the type of product or alphabetically.
This method of organization helps you get familiar with the location of everything and you will not waste a lot of time searching in a dark pantry for an item you need.
Canned food and spices can be stored in order on a lazy susan.
The lazy susan can be turned around to easily find the item you are looking for.
When purchasing can goods and spices be sure to check for expiration dates.
If they do not already have an expiration date then, write the date purchased on them.
This will help you keep track of them because they can lose their flavor approximately a year after it is purchased.
Keep your cereals and chips fresh with the use of airtight canisters.
This is a great way to avoid finding a way to store different size packages.
Organized kitchen pantry storage is very important in saving time and making use of the space you have available in your cabinets.
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