3 Signs an Autobody Repairer Isn’T Legit

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It's been said that most automobile body shops hide imperfections rather than set car exteriors back to manufacturer standards, leaving the owner to discover the sad and expensive truth often times when it's too late. Sometimes all a vehicle needs is an exterior remake to give it that new feeling, especially when the owner has already paid to have the transmission and engine redone.

No matter where you live and what statistics are used, the numbers are equal in that there is a general consensus that chances of having an honest body shop perform ethical and above average work on a car that has been in a collision are less than 30%.

Ethical and excellent repair and work cannot be guaranteed, but there are certain things to look for to avoid being another dishonest automobile damage repairer's victim. If you are not particularly skilled at deciphering between an integral full body repair and a cheap cover up, look out for these three signs.

#1 Mobile dent repair service. When you are approached by someone trying his hand at a monumental task while working out of his trunk, steer away. It is only wise when the consumer is an expert in vehicle repair and can properly gage the finished product. When this is not the case, see a brick and mortar shop that has been in business for a long time. These type of businesses want their local award or to be on popular better business list.

#2 Quotes that don't compute. Numbers should add up whether in Tulsa or OKC. Chevrolet, Ford, GMC are American made cars, so the quotes should be easier to come by. Insurance companies and collision repair facilities get information to come up with quotes from a small circuit of authority. In fact, there are only three systems used to estimate repair jobs. Ideally, these three go-to services should come up with similar numbers. Although insurance providers do sometimes lessen the amount of damage to cut back on the amount they have to shell out, your quotes should still be marginally similar.

#3 Shops allied with adjusters. About 85 percent of work for collision autobody correction comes from insurance providers. Even though it's hard, try finding a family owned company in the business for the love of being in the business. Oklahoma city Chevrolet dealers and Virginia Beach City BMW dealers can make helpful recommendations if you purchase your car in those states. When insurance companies and automobile repair services are in cahoots, you can kiss getting an honest customer-centered estimate and job goodbye. When investments are in place before you even approach the service, do you need any more of a red flag than that?
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