Why Should Lead Paint Be Removed?

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Lead paint has been a cause of many health concerns for many decades.
The concern is still very high today as well.
All houses that have been built before the year of 1978 have lead paint used in their construction.
Because these houses aren't demolished and are passed down from family to family, lead paint removal has not taken place in them.
The use of lead paints started when it was found that these paints, that were made using lead, proved to be better in colour and in appearance while being durable and protecting the paint from moisture.
But even with all these benefits, lead paint is very harmful to the environment and the people.
Due to the harm it causes, a ban was imposed on lead paints in the 1970's.
Any houses that were built before 1978 now have to be verified to be lead free before they are sold.
Lead paint removal is very important because it is very harmful for people.
It can be fatal.
It is very harmful for kids and pregnant women because it has been proven that it can cause reproductive and neurological damage.
If, by mistake, someone ingests it in the form of paint dust or chips, there can be significant damage to their bodies.
Apart from these reasons, which demand its removal, painters and contractors need to be certified by the state to carry out lead paint removal in homes.
Exposing this paint's dust during renovation can increase the risk of its harm to people in the area.
You should get your house tested if you feel that lead paint removal has not taken place in your home.
There are some testing procedures that can be used to determine if there is any of it in your house.
There is some paint kits that you can purchase to test the paint used in your house, on your own.
These tests may not be as accurate as the commercial tests.
You cannot use these 'do-it-yourself' test results to state the lead risk of your house officially.
You will have to have commercial tests take place in your house to state the results officially.
You should have a company to test the paint in your house to see if it is harmful.
If it is, you should have removal take place immediately.
If your house had lead paint used on it before and has had the original layer of paint covered with several other coats of paint over the years, the chances are that the paint won't be much of a threat to you and your family.
The covering up of it can reduce the damage.
If you see that the new layers of paint are chipping off, or some cracks are visible in the new layers of paint, its removal must take place before you decide to have another coat of paint put on the walls.
The removal has to take place very carefully and it is advised that you don't do it yourself.
You should have experts do the removal of it in your house.
There are some specific paint strippers that are used for its removal and some very extreme measures are taken to avoid exposure of it, while removing it, to the people and the environment.
The use of thick sheets of plastic are used to spate the place where the paint removal is taking place, from other areas of the house or building.
After the paint has been removed, the room will have to be cleaned thoroughly to avoid the risk of lead dust or particles affecting other people.
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