Hyderabad - The Nawabi Metro

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Believed to be one of the richest of the former Indian princely states, Hyderabad also holds the fame of being the only city in the country to be named after a woman.
Fondly called the City of Pearls, Hyderabad earned its initial fortune by trading in the same along with other precious metals.
The world famous diamond, Kohinoor was a produce of the Golconda mines which are a part of Hyderabad.
It is believed that it was the charm of the wealth of Golconda which attracted Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb who then captured the fortress.
As the Mughal might faded, a new dynasty rose in Hyderabad, called the Asaf Jahi dynasty.
It was then that Asaf Jah claimed himself the Nizam and declared Hyderabad to be an independent state in Deccan.
It was the rule of this dynasty that gave Hyderabad its famous opulent character.
The opulence of those rulers is still visible in many of the monuments and palaces that have survived the ravages of time.
More than 400 years old, today the city of Hyderabad stands as a good example of a perfect blend of the ancient and the modern.
As the capital of the state of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad is growing fast and has a fast developing IT sector.
Though considered to be a bit congested, the city in fact cleaner and greener than most other cities in the country.
The old Hyderabad's new cousin, Cyberabad is a fast emerging town with global players like Microsoft and Oracle playing major roles in the economic escalation.
Though technology is galloping, and the city grows into new dimensions the old and the traditional is kept well.
In fact it is interesting to see burkha clad women along walking the streets with funky-dressed teens.
The modern and the old are so intermingled, that you can hardly find a way to everything separately.
However, the city is convenient and easily manageable.
One can find almost everything here, from variety of cuisines, to a range of hotels and some amazing markets, Hyderabad is a world to explore.
Try navigating the city on rickshaws or walk for small distances.
The markets here a best explored on foot, for the simple reason that no vehicle can penetrate the narrow lanes and gullies.
For the newer Cyberabad or Hi-Tech City or the distant Golconda one can opt for hired vehicles or buses.
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