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Are you ready to create big leaps in your consciousness starting right now but don't know exactly where to begin? With so many enlightening spiritual books and concepts at every turn, it can be a little daunting as to where to start.
However, one immediate and very effective way to begin this journey is to simply tune in and ask yourself this: "What neighborhood does my mind usually hang out in?" Does it reside in Blissville and anticipate all things Good or does it have an open tab at the Worry-Inn, that ramshackledy old dive across the tracks.
It's your choice.
Bliss or worry? Worry or Bliss? Becoming aware of your mind's usual stomping grounds is essential before a consistent change of consciousness can be made.
If you don't know where you are, how can you know which direction to go in? If you tend to camp out in the worry, doubt, and fear neighborhoods, then that is great to know, yes? Do yourself a favor and skip the judging yourself part right now and just acknowledge whether you do or not.
That old judging yourself habit is soooooo 2010.
The good news is that there is no right or wrong.
The most important matter at hand is discovering whether you are repeatedly living in a self-created Heaven or a self-created Hell.
That's it.
There is nothing complicated or tricky about it.
Hey, awareness is the first step.
If you're not exactly sure where you usually hang out, then doing an hourly check in, or even a moment by moment Heaven/Hell check will undoubtedly inform you just what side of the tracks you're inhabiting.
Then you'll have an immediate clue as to why you have the current manifestations you do in your life.
No judging yourself, remember? There are no positive side effects to that old habit.
The benefits are unlimited if one chooses to go within and do some internal digging around.
This is not something that requires much time at all...
maximum 30 seconds.
First of all, it will connect you to the Present moment, a true GIFT in itself.
all gifts live in the Present moment.
There's no place else for them to live.
To recognize the gifts, just take a look around and find something to appreciate.
There is ALWAYS something to appreciate.
The mind's job is to try to figure out solutions and to focus on possible future outcomes, but the world that so many of us are striving to live in is not one of the mind.
It's of the Heart, which is a very sweet place to live.
This longed-for world is comprised of love, joy, compassion, abundance, bliss, laughter, ease, prosperity, creativity, perfect health and Oneness.
No wonder we all want to live here.
The real kicker is...
this world is always available to us.
We just have to be ready to relinquish our suffering and choose to live in Blissville..
and we're talking buying, not renting! So the next time you find yourself worrying about the future, realize that you are worrying about the future! This is your awareness calling.
Then bring yourself back to the Bliss-filled present by connecting to your breath.
Then include a brief moment for laughing at your old worried self and start focusing on all of the Good happening right here, right now.
Next step after that: Focus on what you DO want in your life and keep seeing those pictures.
Feel what that reality feels like.
Why not? It feels much better than imagining the worse case scenarios, doesn't it? Try it.
If you want to go back to worry, doubt and fear, that old destructive trio will always welcome you to join them in singin' the blues.
So pack your bags, cross those bad boy tracks and go ahead and set up your dream life.
Your Good is presently living in the here and now...
where are YOU?
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