What Is The Best Carpet Cleaning Method - Dry or Steam Cleaning?

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How many of you have taken a long look at the state of your carpets, decided that it was time to clean it, but stopped halfway at the realization that you had no idea where to start first and what to do? The carpet in your home can still get a little worse for wear, even after frequent and regular vacuuming.
With time, spots and stains will appear as well as a really bad odor and no matter how much effort is put into the cleaning, the carpet will still be the same.
At this point, what your carpet needs is a little deep cleaning and there are professional cleaning services that have numerous methods and techniques of deep cleaning carpets which turn them into brand new.
Here the question rises; what method is the best? Methods of Deep Cleaning The two most common methods of deep cleaning are steam and dry cleaning.
Each has a number of advantages over the other.
Steam Cleaning: A machine is used to spray detergent onto the carpet, and then with the help of another machine, hot water is sprayed onto the carpet with high force so that the deeply embedded dust and dirt particles become loose.
To soak up the bulk of water, a wet-vac is used on the floor.
Dry Cleaning: This method is also known as Bonnet cleaning, and works nearly the same way as most other carpet cleaning methods.
Instead of producing foam or applying shampoo directly to the carpet, bonnet cleaners are dipped into carbonated water and then run over the entire surface of the carpet.
Homeowners can easily find machines for both methods at the hardware store, but this type of cleaning is often best done by the experts, who have the latest and best technology and cleaning solutions available.
One very important thing to remember is, after the carpet has been cleaned, it should be allowed to dry for about 12 to 24 hours.
Steam Cleaning Vs Dry Cleaning While there are some pros and cons of both the methods over the other, homeowners can still make a sound decision when it comes to choosing the best and most suitable carpet cleaning technique.
The only items you will need when using steam cleaning will be hot water, a rented machine, and detergent.
This method of deep cleaning is thorough and manages to remove encrusted dirt and dust found deep in the fibers.
Unfortunately if not dried properly, stains are liable to re-appear after a few days have passed and may require more cleanings for complete removal.
The dry cleaning method perhaps offers an advantage that the other doesn't, and that is; almost no drying time is needed which means the carpet can be walked on immediately after the treatment is finished.
On the downside, harsh chemicals are used in this type of cleaning, which may either destroy the carpet in the long run or prove to be harmful for you and your family.
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