How to Repair a Spalling Concrete Porch

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    • 1). Sweep any loose flakes from the spalled area with a stiff-bristled broom.

    • 2). Cut off any chunks of loose concrete around the spalled area using a chisel and hammer. Place the tip of the chisel onto the chunk of concrete where it attaches to the slab, then use the hammer to drive the point through the chunk and remove it from the slab. Remove all dislodged concrete chunks and sweep the surface clear.

    • 3). Clean the porch slab with a power washer. Direct the stream across the entire surface of the slab, making sure the water runs across the slab in the same direction. Remove all dirt and debris, concentrating on the spalled area. Allow the porch to dry completely.

    • 4). Mask the base of the structure along the porch with a strip of 2-inch-wide masking tape. This will prevent the concrete patch from marking any adjacent surfaces.

    • 5). Use a low-nap paint roller to spread a layer of acrylic bonding agent along the damaged part of the porch. Make sure to cover all portions of the spalled area of the concrete with the agent. Use a paintbrush to apply the agent in the spalled area, if necessary, for hard-to-reach spots. Wait for the agent to dry slightly so that it no longer appears wet but remains sticky to the touch. The bonding agent creates a binding surface between the porch and the concrete patch material that prevents cracking of the patch from porch movement.

    • 6). Mix the concrete patch in a large bucket using an electric drill with a paddle bit attachment. Follow the mix manufacturer's mixing ratios, adding water to the dry material to create a thick paste. Pour the patch into the spalled hole until the patch is level with the surrounding concrete surface. Press the patch into the hole with the flat of a steel trowel, making it fill the spalled area completely. Apply more paste as needed until the patch is level with the porch surface. Smooth the patch with the trowel. Allow the patch to settle slightly until a thin layer of water seeps to the top of the patch and evaporates.

    • 7). Mix a batch of self-leveling concrete overlay in the bucket. Cover the porch with the overlay in a thin layer and then spread the overlay over the top and sides of the slab with a squeegee. Allow the overlay to dry overnight.

    • 8). Remove the masking tape and use the repaired porch as normal.

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