Styles to Pick From Drapery Hardware Rods

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The styles and designs that drapery hardware can come in or are shaped in are only limited by your imagination.
Bamboo, rattan, chrome, and brass; well, these are just some of the materials they can be made of.
A good thing about them is that you can buy them wholesale from certain stores, which mean that you get the entire enchilada in one go, drapery hardware rod included.
Drapery hardware rods can be functional or decorative.
A functional rod would be concealed by fabrics and its only purpose would be to support the curtain or drapes while as a decorative rod would also serve to enhance the drapes or curtains.
Both types of rods can be found in all kinds of the window be they arched, round, square, rectangular, French or whatever.
They can also be for beds, walls or showers.
The decorative ones come in different types and sizes.
They are meant to be seen and affect the appearance not only of the window area but also of the room.
So if I were to do a space theme room for kids, I'm not about to use iron wrought antique rods for the curtains.
As for the rods which are functional, they're usually of the concealed kind.
And so, as you can see, gone were the days that you just had to make sure you picked nice curtains or drapes for the room.
These days, you also have to make sure that the accessories matched the curtains and the room, which is why picking the right drapery hardware rods, is so important.
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