How to Identify Dehydration in Toy Dogs

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    • 1). Examine demeanor. Dehydrated toy dogs will often appear listless and confused. Their eyes may be glassy and they make look and act lost.

    • 2). Check activity level. Dehydrated toy dogs may have been playing hard, but now cannot be tempted to move. Shout out dogs' names or try to get them to get up by playing with their favorite toy. If verbal stimulus elicits no response, then it just may be too much active play. However, it also can indicate dehydration.

    • 3). Pinch skin on the back. If skin stays in place for a few seconds after you have pinched it together, then this is a sign of dehydration. You should offer water and take toy dogs to a veterinarian for treatment. If your dogs have thick fur, you may need to try and spread or part the hair before trying to pinch the skin on the back.

    • 4). Take temperature. Normal temperature for puppies can be between 99 and 101 degrees F. If you have a dog thermometer and have been trained by a vet or a veterinary technician in its use, then you should go ahead and take the temperature. However, if you do not know how to use one then do not go buy one and use it without training.

    • 5). Examine gums. Dry, papery gums indicate serious dehydration. If the gums are not shiny at all but rather a dull color and are dry to the touch then your toy dogs may be in serious trouble.

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