Electronic Signature Software Is a Solution for Modern Businesses

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There are different technologies that are being used by business nowadays. So, you should adopt electronic signature software to sign several documents in your organization. This article will help you know how this application can help you.

Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) was established almost 10 years back. With its general parameters for digital signatures, the market has adopted the use of web-based authentication. The technology of e signature has changed the business landscape for industries. There are several reasons behind this change in business like a proven return on investment. Likewise, it has been easier to close deals faster with the use of digital signature software as it increased the efficiency of the sales processes.

Digital signatures are used to sign NDAs, time sheets, and employee onboarding paperwork. It also helps sign sales contracts, approved proposals and any form of deals. The other major benefits of using electronic signature software are listed below:

1)Documents can be signed from any place and at any time

2)Non-denial of transaction is ensured with data integrity and signer identity

3)Group signing option is available

4)Digital signature report can be stored for future use

5)It eliminates re-signing and delay

6)It increases revenue and reduces administrative costs

7)Time stamp is applied to record the time of signing the document

8)The software requires no hardware or installation

Here are a few features of the electronic signature software:

Document Template: You can avail templates that allow users to define signature points and fields for a common document. This will help you save time when you are sending similar documents.

Approval Order: You can set an approval order for the signing process. This software allows you to send documents to all parties at once or you can send to one signer at one time. The process is that after one person signs it goes to the next person and so on.

Signature Orientation: The signature points can be rotated to align the text orientation in the signing document. Once the signature is done the signature will be automatically oriented for the signature point.

Signer-based Differentiation: You can identify data fields & signature points for each signer separately in the same document and it eliminates the need to create multiple documents for multiple signers. You can make multiple people sign the same document. The user will receive a merged document that has signatures from all signers.

This cloud-based electronic signature solution allows organizations to streamline processes by closing deals faster. This software helps the signing of documents digitally and promotes an eco-friendly ambiance in office. You can start using this software for your organization and secure sign management.

The traditional method of signing documents involves a lot of cost. You can save a lot if you switch to e signature software. This paperless process reduces the cost of paper, cartridges, maintenance of printer, and shipping costs. There are a lot of indirect savings including the time saved in filing documents, searching for lost documents or tracking them, or sending them to customers or clients.
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