How to File for an Extension of Connecticut State Taxes

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    Filing an Extension for Your Return

    • 1). Obtain form CT-1040 EXT from the state of Connecticut website. Write your name, address, social security number and daytime telephone number on the top of the form. Include your spouse's name and social security number if applicable.

    • 2). Write any non-calendar year extension dates in the second section if applicable. Filers who do not pay on a standard calendar year schedule will need to enter the requested new deadline on the first space in the section, the initial date for their tax year on the second space and the current deadline in the third space of the section. Non-calendar year taxpayers will also need to indicate whether they filed a federal form 4868 for this tax year or provide an explanation as to why one was not filed.

    • 3). Enter your estimated income tax liability on line 1 of the bottom section of the form and enter your estimated individual use tax on line 2. Add lines 1 and 2 and enter the total on line 3.

    • 4). Enter the amount of payroll taxes withheld on line 4 of the form. Write the amount of quarterly taxes paid for self-employed or contractor income on line 5 of the form. You should also include any carryover payments from the prior tax year on this line. Add lines 4 and 5 and enter the total on line 6.

    • 5). Write "0" on line 7 if the amount on line 6 is greater than the amount entered on line 3. This means you do not owe any additional tax payments. Otherwise, subtract the amount on line 6 from the amount on line 3 and enter the result on line 7. This is the amount of additional tax payments you must pay at the time you file your request for extension.

    • 6). Mail your forms and payment if you owe taxes to:

      Department of Revenue Services

      P.O. Box 2977

      Hartford CT 06104-2977

      Checks should be made out to the Commissioner of Revenue Services. Write "2010 Form CT-1040 EXT" on your check and, optionally, include your social security number.

      If you do not owe any additional tax payments, then mail your completed forms to:

      Department of Revenue Services

      P.O. Box 2976

      Hartford CT 06104-2976

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