How to Photo a Japanese Sword

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    • 1). Push a table up against a wall and hang the white sheet from the wall so it hangs over the table and wall. Staple gun the corners and other areas that will not be in the frame to hold the white sheet up.

    • 2). Point a backlight lamp towards the white sheet. Place the sword, in the sheath to start, on the table and white sheet. Position the light to give a slight shadow at the base of the sword. Turn the flash off the camera. Take a series of at least 12 pictures to ensure you get one good one.

    • 3). Remove the sword from the sheath and set the sword on the sheet. Position the light to give a shadow under the sword; make sure the camera flash is off. Do a series of 12 to 15 shots of the metal edges of the sword, the shaft and any etchings along the blade. Use the macro-setting on the camera to get close-up photos of the etchings or detail works. Photo any Japanese characters so they stand out form the metal.

    • 4). Turn the sword over and position the light again to provide a shadow beneath the blade. Make sure the flash is off and take another 12 to 15 pictures with the new angle.

    • 5). Check the camera is on the macro setting and do close-up work of the sheath braids, hilt and any scrimshaw or etchings on the handle. Take at least 12 to 15 pictures of each angle to ensure one good one from the lot.

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