Jennifer Lopez Love and Glamour

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Jennifer Lopez the fashionable day entrepreneur who now days has her hands into everything.
The pop star, actress, business lady places her heart and soul into every side of her life and her business.
Jennifer Lopez who was the founding father of the twenty first century craze of celebrity perfumes is now set to launch her 16th fragrance this fall.
This new sensual fragrance can be referred to as love and glamour.
Her last product launch within the fragrance market was a smashing success called blue glow by JLo this new scent has been described as fresh, sensual, and enticing every little thing a girl wants to be.
Love and Glamour bottle is a contemporary expression of femininity because it represents a girl in an evening gown attending a glamorous occasion such as a red carpet occasion flaunting crimson carpet fashion.
In the ad, JLo is trying glamorous as she wears make-up and look that emphasize a throwback feel to the Forties, the golden age of Hollywood.
For almost ten years now Jennifer Lopez fragrance has been a huge participant in the perfume industry.
She launched her first line manner back in 2002 as was a pioneer of the celebrity fragrance line.
This little girl puts her complete heart and soul into the everything that she does and since her launch in 2002 she has sold more than 1 billion dollar's worth of perfume.
Since then there are so many celebrities who've thrown their hat into the ring to endorse perfumes.
However Jennifer Lopez will all the time be seen as the pioneer of celebrity perfume.
And she really does not worry about her rivals she only focuses on what is essential to heart.
Good luck to them.
I am very competitive, but I do not take a look at it [as a competition.
] I've always thought that authenticity, by the end of the day, wins, and that cream at all times rises to the top.
I really don't worry about other folks, because I'm in competition with myself.
I really feel like lots of people get into it just for money.
For me, at any time when I get involved with one thing, I get really involved.
Every enterprise that I do get involved with is something that is tremendously close to my heart.
And she has found that by following her heart at occasions she will drive the fragrance firm crazy and together with her latest creation the love and glamour line she says this was particularly true.
This can be a very exacting and time consuming process to provide you with a scent that I am happy to put my name on.
"I drive [Coty] a little bit bit crazy.
As a result of it's all the time not signature enough.
I am going again and say things like, 'Can we push the sandalwood a little bit extra, can we make it a tiny bit sexier? To translate that into actual chemistry is a difficult thing.
Then they return and say, what does she mean by sexier?' And I'm like, 'You understand for me it is like it smells somewhat like wood however has a little bit of musk? But I simply need you to add a little hint of sweetness.
Are you able to do that for me?' After which I believe we're in the proper direction.
And then they come with one or two variations and I say, 'No, that is not it.
' It's a long process.
" But Jennifer isn't only involved in the creation of the scent But Jennifer Lopez was not only concerned with the scent of her new line of fragrance however was concerned in each step of its creation from making the bottle to the precise packaging.
For me to place my identify on it I need it to be signature one thing I believe in that's what I always strive to do when I work with coty.
For me you want it to be something unique one thing nobody has smelled earlier but at the same time make it more sensual.
Creating a new product is at all times very exciting for me as a result of this, there isn't any limit it could actually go in any direction.
What I always like to do is look at myself to see where I am in my life at that moment.
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