How to Stop a Leak in the Valve Cover Gaskets in a VW

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    • 1). Verify that you know the radio security code before beginning this repair. If you don't have it, contact the dealership for the security code. Disconnect the negative battery cable with the appropriate wrench and lay it aside, ensuring that it doesn't touch metal.

    • 2). Remove the valve cover trim with the appropriate socket. Mark the coil wires, using tape and a marker. Remove the wires from the coils, then unbolt and remove the coils with the appropriate socket.

    • 3). Remove the valve cover retainers with the appropriate socket. Lift the valve cover off of the head. If the valve cover sticks, do not pry it off -- tap it gently with a rubber hammer or mallet. Clean the gasket mating surfaces of the valve cover and head with a plastic scraper and shop rags.

    • 4). Apply a 1 mm bead of RTV silicone to the valve cover. Apply a 1 mm bead of sealant on the front and rear corners where the camshaft journal cap and the hydraulic chain tensioner come into contact with the cylinder head. Press the gasket into the RTV on the valve cover. Allow the sealant on the head to skin over. When you touch it, it should not stick to your finger.

    • 5). Install a new spark plug chamber gasket. Install the valve cover and tighten the valve cover retainers firmly. Do not over-tighten the retainers as you will squash the gasket and cause a leak.

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