Making The Investment With Professional Microdermabrasion

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Each year beauty companies create more and more skincare products, some are lifesavers, some are disasters.
However, they all make the big push on Doing It Yourself.
So, the big question is why go into a salon, medical spa, or skin care clinic for professional Microdermabrasion, when at-home Microdermabrasions are so simple?What it comes down to is that you get what you pay for.
If you pay for less, you get less, and if you pay for more, you get more.
We all want a great deal, but what we all really want are inexpensive treatments that work great, not cheap gadgets that don't quite measure up.
Skin care manufactures have jumped on dermabrasion bandwagon and flooded the market with at-home derm kits.
Whether these at-home Microdermabrasion devices live up to the real thing or meet the consumers needs really depends on your individual expectations and what kind of budget you're working with.
Microdermabrasion: Why Mess with Success? The plain and simple truth is that I am just not a DIY kind of girls.
I don't grow my own herb garden, I don't macramé, and I barely even cook.
I'll hang a picture myself every once in awhile, but skin care just sounds sort of messy to me.
I have tons of friends whole will swear up and down by their home made avocado masks or coconut oil lotions, but it just sounds like a hassle to me.
I've always found that at-home Microderm kits and other home facials just make huge messes and are generally more trouble than they're worth.
The way I see it is, it's like dying my hair, why destroy my bathroom when making a salon appointment is so much simpler.
Most home Microdermabrasion devices are actually pretty mess free though.
They involve little pads that sort of just rub against your face.
No muss, no fuss, however, any product that involves stirring or mixing, or slathering, my advice would be to stay clear! How At-Home Kits Work My big problem with over-the-counter Microdermabrasion systems is that they just don't live up to the real thing.
Most kits usually consist of a small handheld exfoliation tool that incorporates different creams and cleansers.
It's essentially a revolving acne pad that kind of buffs the skin.
Theoretically it's supposed to boost circulation and oxygen flow, however, any actual results are highly doubtful.
Our skin is very resilient and true Microdermabrasion requires something that packs a little more of a punch than 2 AA batteries.
You can expect to see some degree of cleaner pores, but you shouldn't expect dramatic results, or, at least, any more results than simply scrubbing your face with a hand towel.
The Benefits of Professional Microdermabrasion Professional Microdermabrasion uses a much more sophisticated setup.
To put it simply though, the Microdermabrasion machine basically sandblasts skin with fine crystals.
It's safe, fast, and simple, and most of all it's much more effective than home Microderm machines.
If you're really looking to unclog pores and remove dead skin, professional Microdermabrasion is what you're looking for.
It might not be as effective as laser resurfacing, but it does work.
Microdermabrasion studies have shown it to be effective for "dull skin", wrinkles, sunspots, roughness, and large pores.
The home systems might save a little money, but you end up losing hours of time wasted.
A great deal is only a great deal if you come out ahead-that's a great price and a great product.
Over-the-counter kits simply don't live up to this.
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