Safe Demolition Practices

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Construction sites can be dangerous settings for workers and pedestrians alike.
But that danger can be present before new construction even begins.
The process of demolition also presents a great deal of danger if it is not properly planned or contained.
Demolition safety procedures, as well as construction safety procedures, are regulated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
These guidelines work to protect construction employees and passers-by from dangerous demolition injuries.
Demolition often involves intentionally collapsing sections of walls, supports, and roof materials.
If the proper steps are not taken to clear and protect a demolition area, dangerous falling object injuries can occur.
Part of the proper protection from these dangerous events is the construction and installation of protected walkways in areas with nearby foot traffic.
This type of protection must be able to sustain a certain amount of weight per square foot to ensure these structures are safe from collapse and to protect any pedestrians.
Falling objects can cause traumatic injuries if a person is not properly protected.
Both construction workers as well as bystanders are at risk for serious lacerations, traumatic brain injuries, and other resulting injuries if they are struck by falling demolished materials.
Because of this very real threat, it is crucial that all demolition work is planned ahead of time and executed in a way that promotes the safety of everyone involved.
Falling objects are dangerous because of the likeliness to cause head injuries.
Being struck by a heavy object falling from nearly any height can cause serious damage to a person's head and brain.
These types of injuries often have life-long consequences.
If you have been injured because of unsafe demolition practices, you deserve a chance to seek justice and fair compensation.
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