The Design Of Landing Page May Design Your Business Too!

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An effective Landing page has one and only one purpose. That is to sell the products or services shown on the page. So the page is index of your whole business. You need to take a few careful yet strategic steps to attract traffic. It is easy to deck up your page with color, graphics, and animation.

But if you want traffic and also be a search engine friendly, then you ought to take care of few points.

1. Make your site clutter free to avoid the fiasco. Like putting too many images or animations, or videos, which make visitor lose interest. It simply means keep it simple and straight to catch visitors. All enhancements could be used moderately.

2. Always use readable font and white spaces. If you want the most relevant information to be passed on to readers instantly in a catchy way, you have to use font sizes large enough to serve this purpose.

3. Try not to make visitors jump through hoops just to navigate around your site. Another feature of a good site is to make visitors come back for more. It can happen only when user friendly interface is used. Buttons, arrows, and links should be positioned appropriately.

4. Don't go for flowery language and don't try to beat round the bush. For example use the words "Signup Now" instead of "Start Your Adventure Here"

5. In this age of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and the like everybody loves sharing media with each other, people love media so why not give them some.

6. Excite your customers, spread some joy, and have some fun! That way even if they don't buy just know in your heart you just made someone's' day that little bit better.

Try to be simple and straight forward, to click your online business. These points will definitely help you in bringing good traffic.
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