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A crucial part of succeeding in PPC management is ensuring that all of your ads are perfectly relevant to every keyword you have.
"Perfectly Relevant Ads" have three very special powers that make them downright "magical".
Magical ads have the power to do three things, 1) Decrease your cost per click, 2) Get far higher ad placement, 3) Attract only super targeted traffic to your site.
These three powers are exactly what thousands of advertisers seek each day but are denied because their ads simply are NOT "magical".
What makes ads magical? Magical ads all have one thing in common; "Perfect Relevancy".
Relevancy is when the exact keyword searched on shows up in your ad three times.
For instance if someone goes to Google and searches on the keyword "Accident Attorney" then the keyword "Accident Attorney" need to show up in your ad.
That way Google see's that your ad displaying for that particular keyword is relevant to what the searcher was looking for and the searcher also sees that your ad is relevant to what he was searching for because it contains the same keyword that he typed into Google.
Relevancy is the key when it comes to successful PPC management so making your ads "magical" or "magically relevant to each keyword" is crucial.
All Google ads consist of four parts; a headline, two lines of ad text, a display URL and a destination URL.
Manipulation of three of these parts is crucial when it comes to making your ads magical.
As an expert in PPC management I have found that when the keyword searched on is found in three specific parts of an ad three things are going to happen: The ad will receive a lower cost per click, it will show up higher in Google and it will result in more conversion/sales (because it harvests mainly super targeted traffic).
Making ads magical (100% relevant) can is a very tricky part of PPC management.
Making Your Ad Magical- Making all of your ads 100% relevant to everyone of your keywords can be very hard task in ppc management because now you have to write a specific ad for each one of your keywords! Unless, you use a ppc management service that does all of the grunt work even if you have thousands of keywords.
A perfectly relevant ad should contain the keyword in three places, once in the headline of the ad, once in the ad text, and once in the display URL.
Not only will this make your ad perfectly relevant in the eyes of Google but it will also make your ad stand out among the rest because Google will automatically bold the keyword each time it is found in your ad.
Making your ads 100% relevant is a huge part of succeeding in PPC management.
If you go and type in anything in Google you'll notice that 99% of the time no one know how to make their ads 100% relevant! This is one reason why making your ads perfectly relevant is so important to you.
Your ad will be head and shoulders above the rest!
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