Baitrunner: Shimano Reels That Give a New Meaning to Fishing

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It has been weeks since you have planned this trip. Your holiday was finally approved, and your wife and kids have their own agenda and gave you permission to be on your own. So you wake up early next day, making sure to bring everything you need such as all your fishing gears, a day's worth of food and water, a small family picture tucked in your shirt pocket and most important of all, your Baitrunner. You have been waiting for this day for too long, and it has finally come at last.

Taking a deep breath as you walk out the door and smelling the humid air of the early morning, you head for the car and then off to the perfect fishing spot down the lake. You have been dreaming of having the best fishing holiday and having your Shimano Baitrunner in tow, you assure yourself that you can make that dream a reality.

Shimano Reels and Baitrunner

Shimano is a Japanese company that has spearheaded the creation of superb quality bicycle equipments and other related products. Since entrepreneur Shozaburo Shimano founded it in 1921 in Osaka, Japan, it has gone on to become one of today's biggest manufacturers of sporting equipment. Starting out as producing top-class cycling equipments, they have since branched out and became renowned in the world of recreational fishing by creating their Shimano Reels and Baitrunner. They instantly reeled in thousands of approving nods from professional and novice recreation fishermen alike.

Shimano reels, along with their Baitrunner, are recognized worldwide as some of the best quality reels that you could use and are highly recommended by the experts in the field of recreational fishing.

What Makes Shimano Baitrunners Special?

If you were used to using the Classic Baitrunner then you would be surprised at the marked difference the Shimano Baitrunner offers. A baitrunner is normally used by fishing aficionados. A baitrunner, upon castoff, works by concurrently lifting the bait giving freedom to the fishing line to run off the spool. It then returns to normal once the fishing line is retrieved. The Shimano Baitrunner is among the most well used baitrunner in the recreational fishing world. All three models, the 3500, 4500 and 6500, all contain different gear ratios and line capacities depending on your needs and specifications.

The three Baitrunner models are crafted with elegant graphite frames and matching side plates. The 3500 and 4500 rotors are made from the same material while the 6500 Baitrunner model sports an aluminum rotor. Apart from that, the Baitrunner B- Series boasts anti-rust bearings of up to 10 times resistant to the effects of corrosion, making it not only beautiful but also durable. Other features of the series such as the Super Stopper and the Power Roller III also make the Shimano Baitrunner perfect for the fishing enthusiast. The updated Shimano Baitrunner makes your fishing experience so much easier and wonderfully efficient. Whether you are going out into that small lake or heading towards the open ocean for big game, it definitely will not back down from your challenge.

If you want to find out which Baitrunner model from Shimano is best for you, then head on to Sea Isle Tackle. You will definitely find what you have been looking for in there.
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