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In this area half of the people are Tibetan Buddhists and the remaining are mostly the Shia Muslims.  In many parts of Ladakh there are rock carvings found this tells that the area is from the Neolithic times. Ladakh is one of the highest plateaus  in the state of Kashmir. It measures up to 3000m that is 9800 ft. 

45 million years ago, as the Indian plate was folded into the stationary Eurasian Plate the mountain ranges in this region was formed. In 19th century  adventure tourism started in the Ladakh. Ladakh contains very clear skies and high altitudes, because of this it has become one of the well known leading edge astronomy. Ladakh includes 1800km of roads  travelling in Ladakh can be done  by flights, cars, buses etc.

When we talk about Lakshadweep, the word Lakshadweep is originated from a French word "Lakshadweepa" meaning "One Hundred Thousand Islands". Lakshadweep is an Archipelago of the 12 ring shaped islands which includes 39 islets and islands. The direct flight from Kochi is the airport located at Agatti. Lakshadweep's marine life contains of over 600 species of the fishes. 101 species are of the birds, 48 species of the gastropods, 82 species of the seaweeds, 12 species of the bivalves, 78 species of the corals, 2 species of lobsters and 52 species of crab. These are one of the 4 coral reef regions in India.

The Leh Ladakh holiday packages are as follows : The Lake and Pass of Ladakh holiday package that includes 5 nights /6 days, next is the Valley of Ladakh consisting of 5 nights /6 days, Then is the Heritage of Ladakh that consists of 6 nights and 7 days, next  holiday package is Explore Ladakh that consist of 7 nights /8 days, Amazing Ladakh with 8 nights / 9 days, the  Magical Ladakh 4 days/5 nights, Glimpses of Ladakh  3 nights /4 days, Valley of Flower 4nights / 5 days etc for more holiday  packages of Ladakh check  online also you will get the detailed information. You can travel at this place easily  as Sham Valley Tour and Jeep safari are the most common transportations.

When it comes to touring you must go to Lakshadweep as it is the greatest place for sightseeing.  There are a variety Lakshadweep tour packages like,  Scenic Ladakh that has a duration of 4 days and 3 nights, it provides daily breakfast, lunch, dinner etc, it includes all hotel taxes, next is Best of Ladakh consisting of 6 days and 5 nights, and then there is a Fly Ladakh Tour including 7 days and 6 nights. You can also book your tour online, and if you wish to check more info. You can get it online too. There are different websites that will show you different tour packages.
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