How to Make Concrete Watertight

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      Remove loose particlesbroom image by L. Shat from

      Inspect the area you want to make watertight. Note any holes, cracks or flaking of the concrete. In the holes and cracks, use the wire brush to remove any loose particles of concrete. In the areas where the concrete is flaking use the broom to remove the flakes and dust. It is important to have a clean work area as the products you will use to seal the concrete will not perform as well if there is dirt and dust around.

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      Caulking large cracks in concretePierre de taille & Meuli?¡§re image by atmospheric from

      Locate any large cracks and holes and fill with a polyurethane caulk. Don't be afraid to overfill. This type of caulk will adhere very well to the concrete and expand and contract with temperature changes. Inspect these areas every few years as the caulk will dry out and start to fail, and you will need to replace it.

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      Paint-on sealantpaint brush image by jimcox40 from

      Complete the waterproofing process by using a paint-on concrete sealer. The most frequently used are silicate, polysiloxane and polyester-based sealers, which seal the small holes that are left after the concrete cures. Simply paint the entire area, including the areas with the caulk, with the sealer and allow to dry. Repeat if necessary. Sealers can be applied on new concrete or after several years when you notice penetrating water. They should be re-applied every few years as they deteriorate over time.

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