Housebreaking Training for Your Dog

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When potty training your dog, keep in mind there are many variables.
Your pets age will make a difference.
Pets have different training levels and habits.
These may vary by breed.
For instance, it is well known that Basset Hounds are difficult to train whereas German Shepherds are easy to train.
When potty training your dog you should do the following:
  • Use repetitive words
  • Always use POSITIVE reinforcement
  • Always be patient with your pets
Many methods can be used.
Many people do not realize it, but a dog can be litter trained.
Your dog won't be sharing litter box with your cat or anything.
Dog litter boxes are quite different.
No actual litter is used.
One pet potty training system that is easy to use and easy to clean is called UGODOG .
It has a solid base that is made for any canine, regardless of size.
There are two removable fitted grates on top.
Keeping the smallest of dogs and puppies in mind, UGODOG constructed grates that are specifically sized so that dogs and puppies do not get their paws trapped.
With this design, your pet's paws (and your flooring) will remain dry as the urine passes through the cubed openings and on to the base below where canine pee pads, or more preferably newspaper, absorbs the urine and odor.
The grates should be removed and the newspaper can be thrown into the trash or recycling bin daily.
The dog pooh settles on top of the grates so that clean up is easy and mess free.
Simply lift the grate with the pooh on it and drop the pooh in a recycled waste bag and dispose of it.
UGODOG dog litter box utilizes two smaller grates in lieu of one large grate in order to make cleanup of the grates easier and more convenient.
Wipe down with a wet paper towel every evening.
According to UGODOG, if your pet is already accustomed to pee pads, then getting used to UGODOGshould be simple.
They recommend the following method:Place the UGODOGin the same place as your dog has been accustomed to using the pee pads.
When you first remove the pee pads, introduce UGODOGto your pet by saying, "you pee here" Do not forget to reward your pet the first time he, or she, uses UGODOG.
When introducing a new puppy to UGODOG, UGODOG recommends the following: Confine your pet to a small area when you first bring them home Place UGODOGagainst a wall, some where near your puppy's confined area but not to close to where he eats Take your puppy to UGODOG every morning when your puppy awakens, and two hours after their meals
  • Leave a small towel that has been soaked in their urine in the UGODOGtray or put a small amount of your dog's urine in the tray and put the grates over it.
  • It is important to always praise your dog's achievements and not reprimand him during training, as this can be confusing to your pet
  • Watch your pets behavior, if your pet is sniffing around nervously, more so then usual, it may mean your pet needs to pee or pooh Immediately grab your pet's attention and place him on UGODOG
  • Stay with your pet until he or she has done their deed
  • Be sure to praise them throughout the process
Whether you are potty training an older dog or potty training a puppy dog using patience and positive reinforcement will go a long way.
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