Can You Become Detail Oriented?

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It sounds like a question from the job interview from hell: "Are you detail oriented?".
Especially if you prefer to look at the big picture and ignore all those pesky small details that make it up.
But if you don't pay enough attention to detail, you could easily go off course in whatever endeavor you're trying to succeed in.
So, is it possible for anyone to turn themselves around and become detail oriented? Turn detail into a game Chances are that you play video games, so you're used to how this works.
After all, if you're not paying attention whilst you're trying to eliminate all those hostiles in a video game, chances are they'll get you sooner rather than later.
So turn the idea of paying attention to detail into a game with yourself.
See how many small details you can spot in your current project and maybe even award yourself some points for spotting them.
On the next project, do your best to beat your previous high score, and so on.
Make detail one of your habits It takes a while to create a habit - usually a couple of weeks or so.
Which means that this option will need a bit of practice before you can turn it into reality.
Habits are learned - whether they're good or bad - so take time out to learn how to pay more attention to detail and incorporate it into your daily routines.
The more you can make being detail oriented one of your habits, the more it will just be one of those things that are second nature and that you just "do".
Set up a trigger You probably already know what you do when your mind starts to wander.
Maybe you check your emails, maybe you surf the web.
Whatever it is that you do instead of paying attention to detail, set up a trigger to bring you back on track.
Computers are great for doing this - you can set all sorts of reminders on them - and chances are that you're going to be close to a computer at the same kind of time as you should be paying rather more attention to detail than you'd like to.
Slow down When you speed past things at a hundred miles an hour, you'll miss stuff.
So take the time to consciously slow down when you need to be more detail oriented.
That could be something simple like running your mouse cursor across the screen in much the same way as you ran your finger across the page when you were younger.
Or it could be reading something out loud if the environment you're in allows for that.
Whatever it takes to slow the pace of things down a notch, do it.
You'll notice details that would have escaped you in the past and may well surprise yourself at how well you react to paying more attention to those small - but significant - details that previously passed you by.
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