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Medical billing is the process of submitting the claims to insurance firms so as to receive cash for the service rendered by a healthcare professional. Before treating and billing a patient, healthcare suppliers check the eligibility of the meant service with the insurance company electronically. The insurance company has medical directors, who review the claim to check the validity of the payment based on the credentials of the care provider and the requirement of the treatment. A response to the eligibility request is returned by the insurance company through electronic suggests that or more commonly from their website. Proved claims are reimbursed up to certain share of the billed amount. Failed claims will be rejected and therefore the healthcare supplier will be notified.

Since 1997, all practices which involve patient interaction ought to pass HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Beneath HIPAA, most of the billing claims for the service are required to file via electronic means. HIPAA was enforced in order to stop fraud and abuse in healthcare delivery and health insurance. Whereas manual filing is time consuming, electronic billing is quick and accurate. With the usage of electronic billing, the rejection and denial has reduced drastically and the percentage of reimbursement has improved.

Electronic medical billing is nothing however the mix of IT and health care sector. Medical practices are using software to manage their finances for several years. But, the current electronic medical billing programs are well known as medical management observe software. Electronic medical billing software covers a wide selection of functions including tracking patient demographics, scheduling appointment, tracking billing data and insurance payments, patient's visits, diagnosis and generating records.

Electronic billing is easy to use, so helps the employees to improve their productivity. They have conjointly made entire billing abundant faster .With the electronic billing, any error in the claims are notified to the billing center in minutes, thus corrections will be created immediately. Healthcare suppliers are also satisfied with this system, as a result of electronic billing makes the reimbursement very quick. This software is terribly friendly to the patients and customers as they give flexibility in scheduling appointment and simple access to the personal information. The cost of electronic claiming is a smaller amount in comparison to the claim submitted on paper. So, insurance carriers encourage electronic medical billing. Electronic billing also helps to eliminate the trouble of posting, printing and sorting the mail.

Thus, in total, electronic medical billing was a results of combined effort of software firms and healthcare departments to create a new technology to simplify the process of medical billing.

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