Top Qualities That Men Look For In Women

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Some women are afraid to go on dates these days because they're afraid that they won't be able to meet the expectation of their date.
Others don't even entertain the prospect of dating because they assume that they are not pretty or sexy enough.
Because of magazines and television, women are lead to believe that they must meet a certain standard to be able to attract and meet men.
You have to accept that physical appearance is important to men.
It's a key for getting their attention.
This is because men are visual beings, and if they like what they see, they will be attracted to it.
But note that different men have different tastes in women.
Some like brunettes, others like blonds; some like petite women, others prefer voluptuous women.
There are men who like sporty women, while some would choose women with very feminine sense of fashion.
Although there are lots of men who use beautiful women as trophy girlfriends, to show off to their family and friends, don't forget that there are a whole lot of men out there who are looking for a relationship that's more than just skin deep.
Older men in particular, are getting tired of one-night stands and short-term relationships.
They are at an age wherein they are looking for a partner to spend the rest of their lives with.
They would be looking for common interests and willingness to commit to an exclusive relationship.
Qualities That Attract And Keep Men Beyond the physical, there are qualities that you should possess to attract, and keep your man.
Men would be attracted to you if you have a charismatic personality.
They like approachable women, not someone with an invisible wall around her.
You should strive to be the type of girl who, at first meeting, knows what to say and knows how to make witty comments.
A sense of humor is also at the top of the list.
Show interest and make an effort to complement a man genuinely.
Men are egoistic by nature, so if you say anything good about them, they'll also think highly of you.
Having a magnetic personality requires confidence.
Confidence does not mean bragging about your skills, but rather accepting yourself as you are and showing it in a proper manner.
Ask your guy friends for some tips on how to improve your personality and how to socialize with men.
Even after a few dates, always keep a positive attitude in everything you do.
Restrain from complaining about so many things he would think you're whining.
Unless absolutely necessary do not complain about anything that he does.
As part of his ego, he wants his opinions to be respected.
It doesn't mean that you shouldn't express yourself; it means that you should give him a chance to express himself as well.
When moving on to a more serious stage, learn to trust your man.
Avoid being to possessive and controlling because at some point he will feel suffocated and choke.
Allow him to move around with his own strategy and make him feel like he's in charge.
If there's something you want done, suggest it to him in a nice way.
Being too clingy is also not the way to go, because men usually need their space.
These are some general qualities that attract men.
In the end what's more important is finding the right man you share chemistry with no matter how different your personalities and interests might be.
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