Attending an In-State College: Dorm on Campus or Commute?

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Anyone going attending an in-state school has to face a tough question, whether to live with their parents at home or pay extra in tuition to live in a dorm with kids their own age. Each choice has its pros and cons. Here are three ways to determine if living in a dorm or at home is the right option for you.

1. Consider what you want college experience to be

College is one of the most memorable times in people's lives and it is what you make it. Living in a dorm will put you in the environment of living with people your own age. This can enhance your social experience and open up the opportunities to make new friends.

If your choose to live at home you may have to work harder at finding friends. Joining extracurricular activates can help you find new friends. If you're more introverted living at home may be a better option.

2. Consider cost

Consider the cost of commuting versus living in a dorm. The cost of living at home may be a smarter option if you're live within a reasonable distance to campus and can save you the added tuition fees for dorming. Though, commuting cost may add up in the long run

3. Consider Renting

If you have the money it may be better to rent an apartment near campus. You can even share the apartment with roommates or your friends to split the rent. This can give you the experience of living on your own and living in housing that may be cheaper than a dorm.

There are many pros and cons to both dorming and commuting and there is n right or wrong answer. The choice is up to you, your financial abilities and even what type of person you are. In the end college is what you make it.
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