Why Caching Is Used to Fetching Extra Content

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A Cache is a component that stores the data in memory so that when in the future we request for same data, they can serve as fast. Cachebox works in the concept of cache Memory, Applying Cachebox in their network saves a bandwidth.
Nowadays, if you want to take the plan of high bandwidth and speed, you have to invest more money to Internet service providers. So Instead of spending money in High-speed internet plans, Placed Cachebox in a network is the best way to save more bandwidth. Cachebox is beneficial for organization, schools and small offices because their multiple users have almost same data enquiry. Caching Optimizes the network by storing web content and serves it via LAN network.

How it works:
Cachebox works on the concept of cache memory. When any user search for data through a switch it passes to ISP or the Internet. If Cachebox is placed a network, it first comes to Cachebox then it checks whether if is stored in Cachebox or not, If it found, next it passes to a user directly through Cachebox or else it goes to Internet and next through the Internet it comes back to Cachebox next it saves the data in memory, after that delivered it to users.

Caching improves the page load time and transforms user experience. If we talk about schools it's not so
easy to keep students engaged as the video get buffered, in this situation web cache is very useful through pre-caching the video from its memory sent to users.

Features of Cachebox:

€ Flexible deployment
€ Video caching and content delivery Network
€ Software Update Caching
€ Pre Loader and Pre Caching
€ WCCP Support
€ Cache Hierarchy Support
€ Custom ACLs

Web Cache is a best solution for saving bandwidth because it is specially designed to help bandwidth and to improve the speed of LAN Network at which end user can access web content. It is available in a different range of models which all share same software and core feature set but only difference in hardware specification and performance.

Cache box is useful in network where the same content is around at the same time. For example in Educations, training institute or any events, where the students or employee is surfing for same content. In that case Cachebox saves the content in memory and whenever user's surfs for content it fetches it and sent to user fast. So now you saves the more bandwidth and for that you don't have to pay more to ISPs.
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