Time Management Tools for Students

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    Time Robbers

    • One of the first steps in time management for students is identifying "time robbers." This means that the student takes into account what activities or distractions take the most time out of the day. The time robbers are typically things that are not necessarily important but take time away from study, preparing for class or completing homework. Example include spending too much time helping others accomplish tasks or, if the student has a job, staying after work to mingle with co-workers.


    • Overcoming procrastination is important, according to the Effective Time Management Strategies website. Procrastination includes anything the student does to avoid dealing with studying. For example, some students chat on social media networks or on the phone, or participate in events that steal precious study time. Even washing dishes can be a form of procrastination.

    Prioritize and Plan

    • The Effective Time Management Strategies website suggests that students plan their work and then work the plan. Writing a prioritized to-do list is recommended. A little planning can help a student prioritize and execute the important tasks first before the not-so-important tasks are completed. An effective element of prioritizing is to be realistic about how long it takes to do something. The University of New Mexico suggests getting in the habit of timing each of the tasks on the to-do list.from start to finish.

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