Getting People to Open Your Emails

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Having a list of newsletter subscribers is great and it can easily be the lifeblood of any business but to many people are focused on growing the list and not enough on keeping a responsive list.
In essence...
Getting the people to open the emails they send.
As someone that sends a ton of emails to people on his list people are always asking me what I do to make sure that my emails get opened by the people on my list.
It really isn't that hard.
It's funny because I always thought this was a no brainer but once I got a bunch of people asking me the same question over and over, I realized this was not the case.
So here is my top 3 ways you can make sure that your emails get opened.
Always provide great useful content One thing I find funny is that people tell me that they could never email their list as much as I mail to mine.
"They just won't like it" they say.
I then ask them, do you like it when you get emails from me? And their answer is yes.
So why is that? Well upon prodding a bit, I get the answer from them.
Their response "Because you share a lot of great stuff I find useful".
That might be a hint.
Providing great useful information to your prospects and clients is a sure way to ensure they are likely to open and read your emails.
No one cares to hear about your new pitch.
But they do care if you have some new great tip that will save them time working on a project or save them money the next time they go to the store.
Ask your readers questions As you are writing your emails, ask questions.
What do you really want to know about your customers.
Think of them as mini surveys.
Not only can you get valuable feedback and comments but also you inspire interaction with them.
Even if they don't take the time to actually reply to you, they feel more like you care about what they think and are more likely to view you like a trusted friend.
You are more conversational and they will like this.
It puts them at easy and makes them feel more like you want to share great information than that you just want to sell them your latest widget.
Make sure you have a catchy headline Just like any other marketing or advertising you do, your subject line is your golden ticket.
Make sure your subject like catches their attention.
You want to entice them to open the mail from something that really got them in the subject line.
This really is the most important piece of any email.
I like to use questions, their name, titles that will encourage their curiosity and a few other things all to help make the subject line really pop.
Make sure that it sounds like something you would write.
"Company ABC Newsletter" isn't a useful headline.
Think about it.
Even if it is great information, if they feel that it's just a newsletter and they could read it later, they are likely to put it off and not open it at all.
Be creative and make it look like a real email.
Make it personal.
Get them the feel that you wrote that email just for them.
No matter what it was.
That's all there is to it.
It's not complicated or outlandish but it works very well.
If you want to get more people to open your emails, then just try these 3 tips and see what kind of response you get on your next mailing.
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