How to Publish a Post on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn today has 277 million members and still counting. Early this year, this popular social network for professionals opened its publishing platform for members thereby givng them a new way of establishing their brand.

When a member publishes a post on the site, it becomes part of their professional profile and is then shared with their connections and network. This is an effective way of expanding one's reach and following other publishers including appointed LinkedIn influencers.

An important point to remember, though, is to always focus on creating top quality content that will be useful to your target audience. You can also check out LinkedIn's Help Center for some guidelines on what articles to publish.

How to Publish a Post

To get started in a publishing your article, log into your LinkedIn account and on the home page, click the pencil icon on the box where you would normally type your status update. The pencil icon is beside the paper clip icon in the blank box.

On the next page which is the publishing editor, you will then be shown several welcome messages providing information on what you can do with the publishing platform.

The last message will give you tips on how to publish your post properly and other things you can do.

You can then proceed with writing your post in the publishing editor which is very easy to use. It is very similar to using a Microsoft Word and WordPress editor.

You can type your article right in there or paste your text from Word or Notepad and format it afterwards. You are free to include an image or video in your post as well.

Don't forget to include an author bio at the end of your article with a link to your website or blog to let people know who you are and what you do. This will also enable them to visit your site if they're interested to learn more about you.

Once you're done writing your post, be sure to preview it first to see if it needs more editing. When you're sure about it and how it looks, click the publish button below.

If you want to publish it later, you can just click the Save button and go back to it later on.

With this new publishing feature of LinkedIn, members now have an additional platform where they can publish their unique articles. Again, the key is to avoid writing promotional posts for your products or services. A better way is to establish your expertise and credibility by sharing valuable information related to your niche that other people can gain insights from.
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