How to Not Let Wealth Control Your Happiness

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It is from the earliest age that we start dreaming about becoming famous and rich.
While some of us succeed in making this dream come true, the rest of us are stuck with an ordinary job, demanding landlords, and bills to pay - in other words, this is hardly what you would call a wild rock star's life.
This, however, does not change that we want to be wealthy; even if this means that we are not famous singers, actors, magicians, and TV hosts.
Becoming rich is a dream of almost seven billion people, but the problem is that not all seven billion people are wealthy.
In fact, many people are far from being rich.
Instead, they are fighting with poverty each day while trying to make ends meet, and the dream of becoming wealthy is just that - a dream.
Why Do People Want to Become Wealthy? In spite of the fact that this question seems redundant, a great number of people are unable to answer it correctly.
Yes, there is a right and a wrong answer to this question, and many people still do not know the answer.
When being asked why they want to gain wealth in life, most people would answer that this is because they want to be happy.
Many people confuse wealth with happiness, and this is where they are wrong.
We are constantly showered with TV commercials, celebrity shows, and success stories about the people who made it big - all of this sends a message that wealth equals happiness.
Why To Not Let Wealth Control Your Life? We are all different, though similar to each other.
However, the fact is that not all of us are rich and successful.
Some of us get everything on a silver plate; some of us earn wealth through hard work; and some just do not earn the money they have always dreamed they would.
If it were true that wealth is the same as happiness, then the conclusion would be that only rich people are happy.
The fact is that neither are all rich people happy, nor are all poor people sad.
The Verdict Unless they are born into wealth, people have to work hard to gain it with their own persistency and efforts.
You do not become rich overnight, and this is the fact.
This is why it is essential not to mistake wealth for happiness.
If you do so, you will miss many things, as if you only strive to wealth you will not be able to enjoy the things that really matter.
All those things that really matter in life have nothing to do with wealth - true friends, your family, joy and simply said, a fulfilled life.
Why would you be sad if you have your family beside you? Why wouldn't you enjoy a game of chess if this is what you love? Would you rather drink coffee with your best friend or drink cocktails with people you do not know? After answering these questions, try to answer the question of whether you should let wealth control your happiness one more time.
Try adding wealth to your happiness, instead of holding back your happiness while trying to become wealthy.
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