Proper Ways of Calming a Cat

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Our cats can be sometimes really aggressive and mischievous.
Even if they are known to be tamed and still than of the dogs, they can also be very moving and wild at times.
There are ways that we can help them calm.
If they are calm enough, we will not have difficulty in training them.
Our pets must be able to follow directions and rules carefully so that we can be in control with them, not the pets controlling us.
People who own cats can be scratched, bitten and spiked.
This is because they get surprised or excited too much that they get really wild and fight back.
To avoid these things from happening, consider the rules listed below: First of all is to determine the cause of the aggressiveness of our cats.
There can be a lot of reasons why they turn out to be wild like such.
It can be because of the hormones or in their genes perhaps and sometimes because they are scared.
If we already know where the problem comes from, then we can think of ways on how to stop it.
Most cats are just afraid.
When they get too scared, they will get their claws ready to fight back.
This is because we might have not been petting them always.
They will set that kind of distance from their owners.
To avoid this, we should always make them feel that we care for them and love them.
If ever they get furious, they will think twice in scratching us because they know we care for them We need to communicate with them often, for us to build that trust.
Aggression problems arise when they lack attention.
They will do naughty things so that they will be noticed, but all in a bad way.
We need to pay more attention to them.
That way, they won't have to misbehave just for us to see them and remember them.
Make sure that they are safe.
If they know that they are out of danger, they will stay calm at most times.
They do not have any reasons to feel the fear that is causing them to be more alert.
Always pet them.
Let them sit in your lap.
Avoid that habit of neglect and forgetfulness to them.
Just like humans, they also need a proper attention for them to feel loved and wanted.
That is the duty of being a pet owner.
If we do our part for them, they will also do their part to us in a proper way.
Those are the ways on how to keep our cats calm.
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