Suggestions For Small Businesses Seeking Corporate Partnerships - Part 2

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Many of our long lasting large corporations, regardless of their products and services, started from humble beginnings.
Some began in their garage, in their kitchen, in a small room in their house, in a corner of a room where they live or if they were able to rent a space, they probably operated in a building with little elbow room.
Regardless of where they began, determination and commitment put the "notion in motion.
" You don't need a humongous space in order to create a great idea.
However, a great idea can warrant the need to create a humongous space.
Many people feel that to impress a colleague or potential client you must have a fourth of July presentation.
If you really want to impress, then let the proof be in the pudding.
In other words, what you can do to solve a problem and the results you are able to achieve for greater productivity is the way to impress potential clients and partnerships.
There will be no need to brag about what you can do, because what your work history will give you the accolades that you deserve.
Let's continue with the final four steps for seeking corporate partnerships.
6) Show proof of how results driven you are.
You must be persuasive enough to convince them that you can solve their problem.
Testimonials, supporting data or any other type of progress reports are always good references to have available.
7) Make sure that your contact information is easily visible on your correspondences.
Don't forget to include your business card.
You don't want potential clients to get frustrated because they have difficulty connecting with you.
8) Commitment.
Once the company commits, then "you" commit and "stay" committed.
In some cases you may need legal counseling when forming a co-op between you and that corporation.
Certain documentation may warrant it.
Always protect your assets just as the big businesses do.
9) It is imperative to send out thank you notes after meeting with potential partners.
It makes good business sense to do so.
These nine steps are simple, but require earnest dedication.
If you're planning on taking your business to the next level, be prepared! More often than not, you only get a first chance to make a lasting impression.
You never know when the window of opportunity will open.
Plan your work, then work your plan.
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