Hair Loss Due to Allergy to Vetsulin

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    Alternative medications

    • If your pet has experienced an allergy to Vetsulin that resulted in hair loss, stop using the medication. Schedule an appointment with your veterinarian, but in the meantime you may want to try a DNA-based insulin, which is what Dr. Carol Osborne, a vet and expert on aging pets, recommends. Eliminating the cause of the allergy from your pet's bloodstream will help quell hair loss and eventually encourage hair growth.


    • Information about Vetsulin has been released steadily since 2009, and one discovery is that the effectiveness of the drug varies greatly per dose. For example, a shot of 14 units on Monday may be just right for your pet, while the same 14 unit-shot on Tuesday may be much too strong or not strong enough. As a result, your pet may not actually be allergic to Vetsulin, just reacting to the dose variations. Speak with your vet to see if this is a possibility.


    • Your pet's diet greatly affects his insulin and, therefore, affects his diabetes. Switching to an organic pet food diet may help, according to Osbourne's website. Also, eliminating fatty foods and increasing fiber will help your pet become less dependent on insulin treatments and may help with hair growing back.

    Primrose oil

    • Primrose oil might also help reinstate your dog or cat's fur to its original state, according to The People's Pharmacy syndicated column in 2003. Purchase supplements for humans that contain GLA, gamma-linolenic acid from a health supply store or use similar products that are designed for pets.

    Pet Health

    • In addition to treating specific issues, focus on restoring the overall health of your pet, which will not only help her diabetes, but also help with hair regrowth. Just like humans, hair loss in dogs is usually symptomatic of an internal imbalance, so nourish your pet with good food, regular exercise, a clean home environment, lots of attention and regular check-ups with your vet.

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