Swimming Pool Filter Problems

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    Frequent Cleaning

    • You do not have to clean your filter through rinsing or backwashing very often. Usually about once per month during heavy pool use is enough for a normally functioning filter system. But if you find yourself needing to backwash diatomaceous earth or sand filters, or washing cartridge filters weekly or even more often then you probably have an issue with the filter. Eventually cartridge filters wear out, sand get rounded corners from long use and DE filters will eventually break down and become ineffective. The only answer is to replace them. A new cartridge will probably last around 3 to 5 years, new sand will be good for 5 to 7 years and new DE filtration is good for up to nine years.

    Filter Media in Pool

    • If you are finding sand or diatomaceous earth particles from your filtration system in the swimming area of your pool then your filter could have a problem. It is somewhat common for sand or DE to be seen on the floor of the pool near the water return following backwashing. If this is when you notice it and it is just a small amount, just vacuum it out and don't worry. But if there are considerable amounts in the pool then you probably have torn filter fabric, a crack in the manifold where the filter grid connects or a broken standpipe or loose screw. You'll have to disassemble and inspect the filtration system to find out the cause.


    • A common problem with a pool filter system, although minor, is a leak around the belly of the tank where the water if filtered. This is generally because of a dirty o-ring where the sections of the tank fit together. Even small amounts of grit that get into the O-ring can cause slight dripping. It may not be harmful to the pool, but it is a waste of water and as a pool owner you'd probably prefer it not to leak. To fix it you can disassemble the tank and remove the O-ring, clean it and put it back into place. If the O-ring has damage it will need replacement.

    Pressure Issues

    • Sometimes your filter can cause pump pressure problems. This is generally due to an obstruction of some sort in the filtration system. An obstruction on the intake side of the filter will cause the pressure gauge to show a significantly lower than normal reading. High pressure readings are generally caused by blockage on the return side of the filter. The system may need to be backwashed or taken apart and inspected for foreign objects.

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