Eliminating Current Debt - Roll Up Acceleration

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The dynamic process by which your bill paying is going to be accelerated by the credit-counseling agency is referred to as "roll-up".
Roll-up is the real art of accelerating the payment of bills early.
The creditors with the lowest balances are usually paid first.
Once that first creditor is paid off, the payment that you had been paying to the first creditor is added to the payment initially set for the second creditor.
That combined payment is then made until the second creditor is fully paid off.
This pay off is accelerated by the additional payment from the first creditor (now fully paid off) which has been added to the second creditor.
Then that combined payment which had previously been submitted to the second creditor, is added to the third creditor and that combined payment is paid until the third creditor's total bill is entirely eliminated.
The process is repeated until all the creditors have been paid.
The process must be adhered to and utilized consistently to enable the roll-up process to work.
This procedure enables your debt to be paid completely off in one third the normal time.
You will be amazed at the progress of your accounts once the roll-up process begins.
It is likely that you will even be anxious to get your statements each month to review your progress.
Think of that - wanting, not dreading, the monthly receipt of you statements.
One additional benefit of this process is that all of your payments are made each month by the credit counseling agency.
No more worrying about getting the payments made on time; writing the checks; scrambling to find envelopes and stamps; and addressing the envelopes, stamping and mailing.
What a relief to have someone else worry about those functions each month.
In the next article, "Eliminating Current Debt - Power Of Power Payments", you will discover the second most influential tool in aiding your efforts to accelerate the payment of your debt is making extra payments.
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