Online Speed Dating - A Step-By-Step Guide To Meet Singles Online

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Identify your own interest Interest is the factor that will create success in online speed dating.
It is a way for other singles to know you right from the first time.
Find a dating website suit to your interest If you are a faithful single Christian and looking for a Christian partner, you may choose to register your profile on one of available Christian online speed dating website.
Register a profile on online speed dating website When you register a profile, make sure you update your interest in your profile.
Like minded partner will normally click on the profile to screen your interest before they say hi to you.
Upload a photo Upload only recently taken photo, waist up if possible.
This will give a better impression to the other singles as shoulder wide photo does not really reflect you as a whole person.
See profile of other singles Once you have registered your profile you will be able to browse other singles online and start the conversation.
Be proactive.
Connect with them You may use the chat room service that normally available in speed online dating site.
Don't reveal too much personal info to new potential single for the first time.
Find compatibility from interest Keep the conversation alive and fun.
Use emoticons.
Exchange info and stories and from there you can feel if this person has chemistry with you.
Take your time analysing Don't rush.
Take your time.
Let nature takes it course.
Don't jump to conclusion too soon.
Follow your instinct After sometimes, ask yourself whether it is right to continue the online speed dating with this person.
You may follow your instinct if you find yourself undecided.
Exchange email and phone numbers Move on from online chat to phone conversation.
Start exchanging phone numbers and email address.
But be extra careful as you still not really know this person.
Take an effort to create an email account and phone number dedicated only to your date for safety reason.
Set an offline date If things go on smoothly after sometimes, it is about time to meet in person.
Arrange for a meet up to find out this person offline.
Post-mortem your first date Proceed or not to proceed.
You don't find anything uneasy during your first date, why not continue the relationship with this person.
Go for second date if you think he/she is a right person 14.
If you feel he/she is not a right person, tell the truth that you are actually having similar online relationship with few other people and you both better develop a friendship and not rushing 15.
If everything is doing smooth, wait for the cupid arrow to guide you on your new found love.
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