5 Of the Best Window Shade Options for Your Home

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The right window shade can protect your rooms from damaging UV rays, and prevent your furniture from fading. Good window shading can also lower your cooling costs. If you are considering having some kind of window shading fitted to your windows, read on for 5 of the best window shade options around.

1: Vertical and horizontal blinds

Vertical and horizontal blinds and can be easily adjusted to control light and ventilation. When fully closed window blinds cut out a significant amount of light, and can reduce heat gain by approximately 45%. There are many materials and styles to choose from and these blinds can be used alongside other forms of window dressing. In order to keep vertical and horizontal blinds looking good, a general dusting and occasional cleaning with soapy warm water or a cleaning spray specifically meant for blinds is all that is needed, making them easy to look after.

2: Tinted window Film

Window tinting film is a popular shading option in locations which are mostly sunny and hot. Window film can also be used as a solar block as it protects against UV light. It is a great way to block heat from the sun, as well as providing a level of privacy. They are relatively easy to fit; however, you may wish to have them professionally fitted. Some care is required when cleaning windows which have window film fitted, so as not to damage the film. Other than that, window film is an excellent easy option to screen out the harsh rays of the sun.

3: Roman blinds

Roman blinds are created using several layers of fabric and lining which, if desired, can completely block out the light. Less dense versions can be bought or made if you only wish to lightly shade the light. Care of roman blinds depends on the material used, but in general they can be periodically vacuumed and wiped down using a soft damp cloth. If the material is safe to be washed normally, the dowel rods can be removed and the blinds hand washed or washed using a washing machine. If the material used is delicate, the blind may need to be dry-cleaned.

4: Roller shades

Roller shades simply roll down to filter out light. They are easily adjustable depending on how much shading or privacy you require. Roller shades can be wiped down periodically with a soft damp cloth, to keep them looking clean.

5: Window shutters

Window shutters are a more permanent addition to your home, so take time to consider if this is a feature you definitely want. When closed, window shutters can filter out light completely, and offer complete privacy. The downside to window shutters is their cost. They can be very expensive to fit, depending on which style of shutters and materials are used. However, window shutters, such as plantation shutters will add value to your home. Window shutters are easy to look after once fitted, but should be fitted by a specialized company, which can be sourced online or via your local directory.
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