Using Twitter And Tumblr For Personal Creative And Business Marketing Purposes

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The idea of micro-blogging makes sharing information much more easy among the millions of people surfing the web on a daily basis. Rather than blog entire entries, the phenomenon of micro-blogging on sites such as Twitter and Tumblr, made widespread with the technological advancement of wireless internet, allows people to make quick posts, sharing their thoughts to their social network. Not only is it a great way for self-expression, but it is also a great tool for marketing for your business or company.

Blogs tend to focus on a particular topic, whether it is politics, fashion, celebrity gossip, or traveling. You can get lots of useful information from a blog that you might not be able to get elsewhere. For instance, someone backpacking through Latin America can provide you the insider information on his route, his experience, and his advice that an impersonal guidebook such as the Lonely Planet simply cannot. Moreover, for those that appreciate and love the arts, your blog provides you a forum and space to share your photography, art, and even creative writing pieces. You might even gain a following from individuals around the world by sharing in this public manner.

Micro-blogging makes it even easier for individuals to share their thoughts and ideas. With Twitter, it is a social network that only allows individuals to make posts of only 140 characters. You can share your thoughts and ideas with your followers. You can also share photos. Wireless internet makes it so that you can make updates on your posts no matter where you are. From your smart phone, you can easily tweet an idea. Tumblr is also a micro-blogging network; however, it has not word limit and provides you many multimedia outlets. It is very user-friendly and you can also utilize your wireless internet connection on your smart phone to make frequent posts. For some people, they only share one particular type of media: writing, photography, or art. For others, it is simply a hodgepodge of their ideas and life. They can share quotes they appreciate, photos they took, and journal entries they write.

Because so many people utilize this technology, it is no wonder that companies and businesses are jumping on the bandwagon to capitalize on this marketing potential. In fact, because it is such a new phenomenon, some companies and businesses lack the know-how to navigate through these social networks and thus, they require a social media expert. Many Public Relations firms nowadays are hiring these social media consultants so that they can provide presentations to large companies to teach them how to utilize this wireless internet technology to better develop their product and market to their target demographics. There are certain tricks on these social media sites that you can utilize to better increase traffic and better market your product.

At the very least, this micro-blogging phenomenon can just be a way for you to keep track of your random ramblings and thoughts throughout the day. You can use Tumblr as an electronic journal or scrapbook and Twitter as a way to organize your thoughts throughout the day.
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