Easy Advanced Dog Training Tips

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If your dog has already mastered the sit, lie down and shake a paw commands, then you are ready to move onto the next level.
This can be one of the most rewarding times for you and your dog because you are building on their previous skills and they will tend to learn much quicker at this stage.
It is still important to work at a steady pace and to not inundate your dog with new commands and tricks all at once.
You should aim to work on one aspect per day until that skill is mastered.
But you should continually be testing your dog to ensure that they remain sharp and remember all of the commands.
A lot of dogs will respond to commands wonderfully when during training, but won't respond to them in every day situations.
This is a good next step when it comes to training your dog.
In order to keep your dog sharp, you should try different commands at different points of your day.
For example, you could stop in the middle of a walk and command the dog to sit.
Once the dog has mastered this, you can move to something a bit more difficult.
Try getting your dog to sit in the presence of other dogs.
If your dog responds to this, then you have successfully trained your dog to sit in almost any situation.
In order to test if your dog truly understands a command, you need to test them in a different manner.
For example, you can tell them to sit while you are standing behind them instead of in front.
Or if they are in the lay down position, command them to sit.
If your dog responds to these commands, then you can be fairly sure that your dog truly understands.
You can also test your dog's ability by using a different tone of voice.
Most people use the same tone when they are obedience training their dog.
This is a great approach but once the dog has seemingly mastered the command, try a different tone of voice.
If your dog still responds to the command, then they have been successfully trained in that aspect.
Another trick to test your dog's adherence to dog obedience training is to issue a command and then leave the room.
If you come back after a few minutes and they are still observing the command, then the operation has been a success.
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