Even Online Readers Don"t Like Junk

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As an online article writer I've been an observer of sorts - watching the evolution of Internet article marketing.
I've seen some remarkable efforts, and some real standouts, total class acts.
Of course, like you I've also seen some ugly things, and less-than-reputable folks move to the dark side of the sector.
Now then, I'd like to discuss all this for a moment if I might.
You see, there is a difference between a legitimate business person running their own business and offering their products and services online and an online article marketer who is trying to scrape the cream off the top, busy searching for suckers online to send them money for some worthless trinkets or some illegitimate scam.
You see, it's perfectly fine to use informational marketing techniques by posting quality articles and trading pertinent information for a solid stream of targeted traffic.
In fact, doing it right pays huge dividends and whereas, it is harder to do it correctly, that doesn't give anyone an excuse to cheat.
Even more so, those who cheat are really cheating themselves, and their clients, and there is no honor in that, further those who are willing to do that, don't deserve our sympathy.
You see, they are ruining it for all of us.
And whereas, they might be able to fool the search engines with their secret SEO strategies of the month, they are not fooling online readers much.
Even the hyper-HDHD kids can't stand these weak articles, and they spot the nonsense in 0.
693874 seconds.
Folks surf in, and then click out, so how does that help the sector, burning of all those future potential clients? And really are the cheaters really doing themselves any good, busy scamming nickels and dimes? Some of these cheaters I've talked with have told me that I should mind my own business and do my own thing and that it's their business and everyone is free to make money anyway they can.
To that I'd say that actually many of their manipulative marketing techniques once they get someone to come to their website, are actually against the rules.
The only reason they are getting away with it, is due to lack of enforcement.
Their shrill tactics, unsubstantiated claims, and misrepresenting advertising are often as bad as their worthless article in my view.
Look if we cannot clean up this sector and self-police online article venue, then you can bet at some point the government or those controlling the flow of information online will.
I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.
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