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Testing - Audio

Overall, in using the DP-470 in various rooms, I found its built-in surround amplifier a little lacking in power output for large room setups. However, it is quite adequate for a smaller entertainment room, apartment, or second room, without having to incure the added expense of an additional surround sound receiver.

When using the DP-470 DVD player's digital audio output connection to external home theater system, the unit performed as expected on both music only and DVD soundtrack material.

When used with both the Outlaw/Butler Audio combo or the Yamaha HTR-5490 AV receiver, I found no obvious faults in the audio signal. Using the digital optical audio connection, the DP-470's digital audio bitstream seemed to be transfered intact. In addition, the analog stereo output signal from the DP-470, when used with standard CDs appeared fine as well.

Lastly, In terms of format playback compatibility, I found that the DP-470 had no trouble playing back CD-Rs, DVD-Rs, or DVD+RW discs, in addition to standard DVDs and CDs.

Testing - Video

On the video side of things, the testing was more involved. When hooked the DP-470 to the Optoma H56 DLP video projector with standard S-Video, the unit performed very well, and was on par with several other DVD players I have used with this projector, including the classic Technics DVD-A10.

For additional video testing, I connected the DP-470 to an Olevia LT30HV, which is a fixed-pixel LCD television with both composite, S-video, and progressive scan inputs.

In the component 480p progressive scan mode, the KISS DP-470 did not perform quite as well as my Samsung DVD-HD931's progressive scan mode, exhibiting a slight difference in grain or smoothness. However, the Samsung does have the advantage of an onboard Faroudja DCDi processor.

Lastly, I found that the basic composite video output of the DP-470, although not as good as the S-Video and component output (which is to be expected) was actually slightly better than the composite outputs Pioneer DV-525 and Philips DVDR985, with fairly stable color and line consistency.

However, I did not have the opportunity to test the MPEG4-Divx capabilities of the DP-470. Hopefully, I will have a future update on this.


I found the KISS DP-470 to be a fun and flexible home theater component to use. Both its audio and video performance were very good. Although I found its built-in surround amplifier a little lacking in power output for large room setups, it is a great feature for those setting up a basic surround sound system in an apartment or second room without having to install an additional surround sound receiver. Lastly, I found that the DP-470 had no trouble playing back CD-Rs, DVD-Rs, or DVD+RW discs.

In addition, the built-in surround amplifier performed very well in terms of surround sound imaging, with slight roughness on high frequencies, but on par with many basic home theater-in-a-box systems.

The DP-470 allows input connections from other components and the connection of it to an external home theater system if being used as a standalone DVD player. This is preferred if using the unit in a large room.

I found the KISS DP-470 to be a good performing, flexible, DVD Receiver. The only feature I was not able to test was the MPEG-4 Divx playback.

However, along with all the positive attributes of the DP-470, I found areas that I feel could use some improvement:

1. The buttons and labeling on the remote control and front panel are too small, making them difficult to read at a reasonable distance.

2. The power output of the built-in amplifier is not adequate for large room setups. This is typical of similar home theater-in-a-box systems, however.

3. No SACD or DVD-Audio playback compatibility. Considering all the other playback capabilities of the DP-470, the addition of DVD-Audio and SACD playback would really be further plus.

In conclusion, the KISS DP-470 is definitely a unique home theater component. Its ability to be used as both a self-contained home theater system, or, as a DVD player within a larger setup, is a real plus, in my opinion. Add the fact that the DP-470 also has great video and audio performance, as well as extensive format compatibility in its product and price class, makes this unit deserving of your consideration.

Based on my own user experience, I give the DP-470 Four out of Five Stars.

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