How to Insulate Crawlspaces

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    • 1). Measure the distance from the mudsill (board directly on top of the concrete wall) to the ground. Add 2 feet to that measurement.

    • 2). Roll out your insulation and cut it to the above calculated measurement with your utility knife.

    • 3). Cut a length of 2 by 2 board that is the width of your insulation.

    • 4). Place the insulation up to the mudsill and position the 2 by 2 board over the top of the insulation. Drive nails along the length of the 2 by 2 to secure the insulation to the mudsill.

    • 5). Position the insulation so it runs straight down the wall and stays tight to the wall. Place bricks or lengths of 2 by 4 boards on top of the insulation to hold it in place on the ground.

    • 6). Work your way along the entire wall until the entire crawlspace is insulated.

    • 7). Measure the dimensions in the floor joist space above the mudsill. Add a few inches to these dimensions and cut a piece of insulation at the calculated dimension. The piece will resemble a small rectangle or square. You are insulating the wall within the joist space above the mudsill, not the entire floor joist above you.

    • 8). Press the insulation into the joist space above the mudsill. Because the insulation is slightly larger than the joist space, compression will keep it from falling out.

    • 9). Measure each subsequent space, cut insulation and press it into place.

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