How to Make Free Flyer Templates

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    • 1). Decide what types of templates you want to create and brainstorm your ideas by sketching them out on paper. Decide what information will remain the same and what will change or be added later. For instance, you might want to create an Easter flyer template that has your store's location, its phone number and website address on it but leaves open slots for items that will alter over time, such as items for sale, pricing and specials. You should also decide on graphics to use for your flyer template. You could create a boarder with bunnies, easter eggs and children in their Easter attire.

    • 2). Open a new document in a graphics program such as Photoshop. In the dialog box, set the dimensions of the pixel width and height that you want your flyer template to be. Set the resolution to a minimum of 200 pixels. Choose a background to fit your needs; generally white or transparent works well. Bring in any outside graphics you will be using as part of your flyer's overall design.
      For example, if you plan on uploading a baking flyer template to your recipes website as a free giveaway item, you will want to have graphics that fit with a baking theme. Let's say you want to allow visitors to download the flyer after adding one of your recipes and maybe a couple of their own. You can create spaces in your document that are left blank to allow those who download your template to add their own text. As you work, use the various tools and filters to give your graphics a professional look. After you've completed your template design, save it.

    • 3). Print your template or upload it to your website. For printed flyer templates, you should save your document as a high-resolution JPEG file and keep a copy on CD for later printing uses. For uploading to a website, you should save your final document as a PNG file. Remember to give legal permission for use of your flyers if you plan on giving them away on your site.

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