How to Set Up Your Own Italian Herb Garden

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Italian herbs are quintessential items on all of your favorite dishes from salmon to pasta to chicken.
You will be amazed at how easy it is to set up your own Italian herb garden and grow basil, thyme, oregano and much more by following a few simple steps.
To start you will need to purchase containers that are large enough for the herbs to grow while having an adequate drainage area.
Next, place the potting soil in the container with the seeds of the herbs you will be growing.
It is important you understand that unlike flowers and vegetables, herbs do not need to be watered on a constant basis.
The key is to make sure the soil is moist enough for the herbs to properly grow.
If it is moist, there is no need to water anymore.
After a little time you will begin to see two or three inch stalks, which is essentially when you can use the fresh herbs in your cooking.
You can either pull the leaves from the plant while leaving an inch or two of growth or you can cut them with small scissors.
Leaving an inch or two allows for further growth following this batch.
As mentioned, there are a number of different kinds of herbs you can grow with your Italian herb garden.
Basil is perfect for tomato-based Italian dishes, thyme is used with lamb and tomatoes, while oregano is most common with tomato dishes, fried foods and grilled meats.
Herbs are an essential piece to most meals you will consume.
For this reason, it only makes sense to grow your very own fresh herbs within an Italian herb garden.
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