Lessons for Prosperity Learned From Queen Elizabeth Market

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I had the pleasure of being in Melbourne, Australia recently and visited the world famous Queen Elizabeth Market.
This is a huge public market where you can get everything from belts to bananas.
It was also one of the best places I have found to learn the secrets to prosperity.
A large outdoor market can be a lot of fun to explore and shop at, but it can also be an amazing place to learn messages about prosperity.
When I was in the Queen Elizabeth market walking about all of the different stores and vendors, I realized there were 5 lessons about abundance and prosperity that I could take from the experience to help make me more success.
I learned that there will always be competition, that you have to have a focus, you have to believe in yourself, speak up for yourself and know that only you can decide when things end.
There is always competition I was amazed at the diversity of items being sold in the market.
I could buy bananas, I could buy leather jackets, fruit, veggies and musical instruments.
And the most amazing thing about the market was no matter how unique of an object it was, there was more than one stall selling it.
So there is always going to be competition out there, the key is not to dwell on then and instead focus on being the best in your niche.
Too often people let the idea of competition get in the way of their success because they focus on them instead of focus on their own success.
Have a focus The next lesson I learned from the market was that the people who were most successful were the people who had a clear focus on what they were selling.
When they had a clear thing they were and expert in, they could explain the products better and be more successful.
The people who tried to be all things to everyone really struggled being anything to anyone.
Believe in Yourself The next lesson was that no matter how crazy it got, it was the people who were confident that were successful.
The people who had an air of confidence and surety to themselves were attracting the largest crowds.
The people who you could tell did not think they belonged there were not getting a crowd.
People can sense energy and your energy will influence you success.
Sometimes you have to speak up for yourself People who were not willing to speak up for themselves were not seeing the same success as those that were willing to be vocal.
When you are willing to speak up, say what needs to be said, call attention to yourself and be willing to risk rejection for the sale were successful.
This is true in all areas of success.
Be willing to risk ridicule and have the courage to draw attention to yourself and success will follow.
It is not over until you say it is I happened to be around at the official close of the market on the day I was there.
There were a lot of places that packed up and left, even though there was still a large crowd walking about.
Some of these wouldn't even have a conversation with you about their product even though most were still out and people there.
These people lost sales.
The people who were willing to talk and discuss products while packing up got extra sales.
They didn't let the clock control when they closed, they closed when they decided to close.
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