Company Brochures? How in the World Do I Do That?

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It's time to put together that brochure you've been thinking about.
Where do you start? What should you include? Here are some ideas to get you on the road to showcasing your product efficiently and effectively.
  Start making lists.
I am a firm believer in the value of a good list.
All successful brochures have certain content in common and you'll need to begin gathering this information.
  First, make a list of how your product benefits potential clients.
  Second, decide which helpful features you want to highlight in the brochure.
Make sure they compliment the benefits.
  Next, outline the available features and options for your product.
For example, if you sell landscaping materials, what different types of stone do you sell? What color and size?   Lastly, think back to your existing clients.
What types of questions do they usually ask when you meet with them? Write these down along with an appropriate answer to include in the brochure.
  You've got your lists together.
Now it's time to start writing.
Follow these guidelines when putting your product into words.
      A strong introduction is a must.
Draw in the reader and entice them with a strong opening statement for your brochure.
      After your introduction, draw attention to your product's benefits and helpful features.
Don't hold back.
Let the reader know how you can help and what problem you can solve.
      Next, thinking back to your list of questions and answers, try and anticipate what other information potential clients may desire to know.
      Briefly describe your company.
Create a small biographical paragraph which outlines your history and accomplishments.
Include any awards or recognitions your company has received.
      The last portion should tell clients the next step.
Let them know how they can order or get additional information regarding your product.
    If you are still having difficulty nailing down the right words, remember, there are plenty of professionals trained for this type of work.
Don't pass up sales opportunities simply because the right text escapes you.
When compared to the money lost by not having a brochure, the small initial investment in a professional writer is minimal.
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