Article Marketing Magic - Consistency is the Key

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Article marketing works like magic - IF you know the right tricks.
One of those tricks is consistency.
If you can persevere with your article writing efforts and apply them consistently, articles can provide a steady stream of readers, prospects, clients, customers and money.
There are several reasons that consistency is so important for effective article marketing: How you do anything is how you do everything I first heard this important truth from Andrea J.
Lee, author of Multiple Streams of Coaching Income, and I have never forgotten it.
When you have a service-based business, your customers are buying YOU just as much as they are buying the results that you will deliver.
Since everything you do is a reflection of you, that means that whatever you do, wherever you go, whenever you are interacting with people or the world around you, you are teaching people what they can expect from you.
Your prospective customers want to know they can rely on you to show up when you said you would and deliver what you promised (but don't worry - they don't expect you to be perfect).
If they see you publishing a newsletter or blog consistently, especially if you keep up with a schedule that you've posted, you're giving them a little taste of the level of service they can expect when they hire you or buy from you.
You'll build on your own momentum and success Action creates action and inaction creates...
well, inaction creates nothing (more inaction).
I have proven this to myself time and again as I have sometimes vacillated between working too little and working too much.
Accomplishment is so gratifying.
Once you've taken time to rest and celebrate your successes, you can also reinvest some of that energy to do more of the same.
Your content collection will snowball How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.
When you consistently generate new content, you will build an empire of information one article at a time and you will be amazed at the volume of content you have produced.
Here are three strategies that can help you develop the discipline to write consistently:
  1. Set a schedule.
    Make a commitment to yourself (e.
    , a monthly newsletter and one additional article in between issues).
    An editorial schedule will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed because you can plug in potential topics ahead of time.
  2. Declare your schedule.
    Make a commitment to your readers; let them know exactly when they can expect to hear from you.
  3. Turn article marketing into a team sport.
    Whether it's professional assistance with ghostwriting, editing or article submission, or simply a buddy arrangement with another coach, all of a sudden you are accountable for finishing the article a few days before you need it, so whoever is helping you has time to review it.
Article marketing can have magical results; growing your mailing list, increasing your visibility, enhancing your credibility and bringing you new customers, clients and revenue.
So why would you stop after only one article?
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