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Origami originated from the Japan and combined by two words that is "Oru" which means "to fold" and" kami" means paper. When paper is used to represent flowers, birds and animals simply by folding them than that art is called as Origami. It is a beautiful art work and requires simple piece of paper. As we all aware about Japan love with paper art so no question can arise about the origami craft work. Japan paper fan is world famous antique thing and everyone is crazy for Japanese fan.

Before origami was on very small scale but now the demand of origami product increased on international level. The origami is becoming a platform where origami artist starts working and competing among themselves. It is creative work not only for the children's but for everyone.

Origami product help kids to work with paper as activity and also to build their mind. As we some children's are not able to give their best in studies but their creativity is makeable, for those children origami is the best craft to learn, so that they can prove them in their creativity. Origami products are used to decorate home, restaurant, hotel, office and also act as toys for kids to play.

For school craft project origami is one of the best things. One can choose any things to create with paper as Origami in action that is Paper toys that fly, flap, gobble, and Inflate, Crease and fold antique piece, exquisite folded paper designs, dinosaur origami, animal origami for the enthusiast, origami Insects and their Kin, marvelous modular origami, ornamental origami with 3D effects and many more.

Origami is all about paper fold and nothing and it's a crazy's thing to make anything out of paper. If you are a origami lover than you need to be so much crazy so that you can get what you are assuming or dreaming by a fold of paper. Origami art is unbelievable no one can easily believe that origami is just by folding of paper.

Now special paper is available in market which is use to create origami product and called as origami paper. So now you can buy origami paper and its readymade product from the market easily. Any one at any time can start with origami now, if you are a beginner than not to worry about this you can buy a book for origami beginner from our website and if you know how to work with origami craft than you can enhance your creativity with our origami intermediate and origami advance book, they are also available.

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