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Are your online sales suffering? Your website may be invisible! You see, each day, a million or more websites pop up around the world.
Those sites, as well as established ones, compete for top spot on the search engines.
If you aren't on the first 3 pages for relevant keywords, you'll never be found by your clients.
I promise you that.
People are lazy and won't bother to plumb hundreds of pages just to find your pretty, flash-loaded website.
I know what you're thinking.
Don't go to your friendly neighborhood online marketer or SEO guru just yet.
Those guys will charge you and arm and a leg for sketchy results.
They'll promise you high rankings and execute the standard fare of cloaking, directory submission, blog submission, comment blitzing, forum posting.
All for the nice low fee of $995.
Know what? You'll end up worse off.
Not only will you lose your $995.
95, your ranking may drop all the more.
SEO tricks like cloaking don't work.
In fact they can even get you deindexed.
So what's a desperate netrepreneur like you gotta do? If you want high pagerank and increased search engine rankings, there are only 3 things you need to do and you'll be set for life.
Get Free Backlinks From PR10 Sites.
If you have backlinks from high page rank sites, you automatically get accorded great respect.
It's like being best friends with the Mafia Don.
Every other under boss looks up to you- even though you're new.
Befriend the heavy PR sites and you'll get Google's respect.
One way I grew numerous PR5 to PR7 websites  (and sold them off) was to do 'charity' work  for non profit sites that boasted high PR.
Among my favorites included W3C, Seti and Leiden Classical.
For W3C, I did translation work.
For Seti and Leiden Classical, I allocated server time to crunch their data.
All that granted me free backlinks...
from inner pages that had PR7 to PR8.
Most people would pay $1000 for that.
Insult Big Gun Bloggers.
I don't do this, but some of my friends did.
They set up totally new webs then started a flame war by blasting well known bloggers.
When the bloggers responded, my friends got what they wanted: free backlinks from the high page ranked bloggers who rebutted what my friends said.
The page rank gain was substantial.
Backlinks from angry blogs that boasted PR6 instantly boosted the PR0 sites to PR4.
Who knew that ill will would ever pay off? Go Web 2.
 If you're not twittering, friendstering, digging or squiddoing...
you better.
Social networks spread viral marketing faster than any SEO service ever can.
We're talking about millions of potential backlinks from people who start a controversial twitter or digg about your service.
Let some opinion leaders pick up your scent, and before you know it, BAM! You have scores of inbound links that drive not just search engine bots, but human traffic as well! Two years ago, I wrote a single page website extolling the virtues of virgin coconut oil.
One digg member wrote a brief review on how my info cured him of psoriasis and he dugg it on digg.
com Two days later, my site staggered from all the traffic.
Three months after, the pagerank 1 site became pagerank 5.
I sold it.
;) Are you ready to make megabucks online ? Go out there and seize the day!
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